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Specified Small Samples to Order for Quality Checking

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The sample pack contains 20+ kinds printed fabric samples
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A4 Sample
Order list with quantity for each design needed for multiple designs
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Number Article Name Content Weight Width MOQ
1 CL270 Heavier Cotton Lycra Knit Fabric 95%C 5%SP 250-270 GSM 57/58" 1m
2 CL250 Heavy Cotton Lycra Knit Fabric 95%C 5%SP 230-250 GSM 57/58" 1m
3 CL220 Medium Cotton Lycra Knit Fabric 95%C 5%SP 200-220 GSM 57/58" 1m
4 CFT300 Cotton French Terry Fabric 95%C 5%SP 280-300 GSM 57/58" 1m
5 FA075S PUL Fabric 100%P 160GSM 57/58" 1m
6 CT3030 Cotton Woven Twill Fabric 100%C 150 GSM 57/58" 1m
7 PYK200 Swim Lycra Fabric 88%P 12%SP 220 GSM 57/58" 1m
8 CT4390 Cotton Poplin Fabric 100%C 140 GSM 57/58" 1m
9 PMK200 Minky Fabric 100%P 230 GSM 57/58" 1m
10 CMD40 Double Gauze / Muslin Fabric 100%C 110 GSM 57/58" 1m
11 PBR200 Brushed Poly Knit 96%P 4%SP 210 GSM 57/58" 1m
12 SPK50 SPF50+ Swim Fabric 88%P 12%SP 220 GSM 57/58" 1m
13 G-CL220 Medium Organic Cotton Lycra 95%OC 5%SP 220 GSM 57/58" 1m
14 G-CL250 Heavy Organic Cotton Lycra 95%OC 5%SP 250 GSM 57/58" 1m
15 G-CL270 Heavier Organic Cotton Lycra 95%OC 5%SP 270 GSM 57/58" 1m
16 G-CFT300 Heavy cotton french terry 95%OC 5%SP 280-300 GSM 57/58" 1m
17 BL250 Heavy Bamboo Lycra Knit 95%B 5%SP 250 GSM 57/58" 1m
18 BL200 Medium Bamboo Lycra Knit 95%B 5%SP 200GSM 57/58" 1m
19 SQ300 Squish Fabric 95%P 5%SP 300 GSM 57/58" 1m
20 CP4020 Cotton Woven Fabric 100%C 110 GSM 57/58" 1m
21 CP3372 Cotton Poplin Fabric 100%C 130 GSM 57/58" 1m
22 ATH300 Athletic Fabric 95%P 5%SP 300GSM 57/58" 1m
23 OCP3372 Organic Cotton Poplin 100%OC 120 GSM 57/58" 1m
24 LP250 Liverpool Bullet 95%P 5%SP 230-250 GSM 57/58" 1m
25 SL205 Stretch Cotton sateen 97%C 3%SP 205 GSM 57/58" 1m
26 CA150 Cotton Canvas Fabric 100%C 250 GSM 57/58" 1m
27 PS9307 Boardshort Fabric 93%P 7%SP 160 GSM 57/58" 1m
28 RL200 Rayon Lycra Knit 95%R 5%SP 200 GSM 57/58" 1m
29 CW3232 Heavy Cotton Woven 100%C 150 GSM 57/58" 1m
30 BEM140 Bird Eyes Mesh 100%P 140GSM 58/59" 1m
31 FL1MM Pin Grain Vinyl Fabric 70%PVC 30%P 660GSM 140cm 1m
32 BFT280 Bamboo french terry 95%B 5%SP 280-300 GSM 57/58" 1m
33 PS1001 Non stretch Boardshort 100%P 110 GSM 57/58" 1m
34 PCH75 Chiffon Dress Fabric 100%P 68GSM 142cm 1m
35 FA075 Polyester interlock Fabric without lamination 100%P 120GSM 57/58" 1m
36 CFL150 Cotton Flannel 100%C 165GSM 57/58" 1m
37 RC3021 Cotton viscoe dress fabric 65%R 35%C 130GSM 145cm 1m
38 RY3068 Rayon Woven Fabric 100%R 160GSM 145cm 1m
39 PDC50 Polyester Satin Chiffon 100%P 84GSM 57/58" 1m
40 BCFT260 Bamboo cotton french terry 65%B 30%C 5%SP 260GSM 57/58" 1m
41 BMD40 Bamboo Cotton Muslin 70%B 30%C 125GSM 57/58" 1m
42 CRK250 Cotton Lycra 4x2 Rib Knit Fabric 95%C 5%SP 250GSM 57/58" 1m
43 BCJ250 Bamboo Cotton Jersey Fabric 65%B 30%C 5%SP 240-250GSM 57/58" 1m
44 PMK265 Minky TPU Lamination Fabric 100%P 265 GSM 57/58" 1m
45 TRK240 Interlock Cotton Lycra Knit Rib Fabric 95%C 5%SP 240GSM 150cm 1m
46 PF300 Poly Polar Fleece 100%P 280GSM 150cm 1m
47 CSV85 Cotton stripe voile fabric 100%C 85GSM 57/58" 1m
48 LC135 linen cotton fabric 52%L 48%C 135GSM 135-137cm 1m
49 PBK4220 Polyetser Spandex Rib Knit 4x2 95%P 5%Sp 220gsm 57/58" 1m
50 VR120 Fuchun Habotai Fabric 60%V 40%R 120GSM 145 1m
51 RS140 Rayon satin 100%R 140GSM 145 1m
52 CJ170 100%Cotton Knit Fabric 100%C 170 GSM 57/58" 1m
53 CFT230 Medium 100% Cotton French Terry 100%C 230-240gsm 57/58" 1m
54 PCH100 100D Polyester Chiffon 100%P 85GSM 57/58" 1m
55 FDP300 dull poly pongee 100%P 65GSM 57/58" 1m
56 SPS5075 shiny poly satin 95%P 5%SP 95GSM 140 1m
57 PTS105 polyester taslan 100%P 105GSM 57/58" 1m
58 PCM120 chiffon crepe 100%P 120GSM 145 1m
59 C32SJ Double Yarn Cotton Jersey 100%C 220-240gsm 57/58" 1m
60 ODF300 Recyled polyester oxford fabric 100%P 150GSM 57/58" 1m
61 SSB320 softshell 3 layers bonded fabric 100%P 320GSM 57/58" 1m
62 PPS83 Poly silk faille fabric 100%P 83GSM 145 1m
63 CG80 crinkle chiffon fabric 100%P 78GSM 140 1m
64 MFT130 twill brushed peach skin 100%P 130GSM 57/58" 1m
65 BBT200 double sided brushed microfiber fabric 88%P 12%N 200GSM 57/58" 1m
66 FC35-040 rayon spandex slub jersey fabric 95%R 5%SP 180GSM 57/58" 1m
67 PFM100 weft twist imitation memory 100%P 100GSM 57/58" 1m
68 PC5075 crepe de chine fabric 100%P 68GSM 145 1m
69 SDC70 silk crepe de chine 100%S 70GSM 135 1m
70 PY4545 plain poly voile 100%P 77GSM 145 1m
71 PY4848 imitated cotton twill voile 100%P 97GSM 145 1m
72 CP2060 plain cotton woven 100%C 160GSM 145 1m
73 ICF135 imitated cotton lycra jersey 95%P 5%SP 135GSM 57/58" 1m
74 SC16 16mm silk charmuese 100%S 77GSM 138 1m
75 SF52 12MM silk cotton fabric 30%S  70%C 56GSM 135 1m
76 PCV230 poly canvas fabric 100%P 230GSM 57/58" 1m
77 CPL200GK Streamline Cotton Knit 68%C 27%P 5%SP 200-220gsm 57/58" 1m
78 PE300 300T Pongee Fabric 100%P 60GSM 57/58" 1m
79 PCV260 poly waterproof canvas fabric 100%P 260GSM 57/58" 1m
80 APS260 Air Layer Scuba Knit 95%P 5%SP 260GSM 57/58" 1m
81 FA170 170gsm Polyester interlock Fabric 100%P 170gsm 57/58" 1m
82 C6098W 60s 100% Cotton Voile fabric 100%C 70gsm 57/58" 1m
83 R105W 45s 100% Rayon Poplin Fabric 100%R 105gsm 140 1m
84 CFT360 Heavy 100% Cotton French Terry 100%C 360-380gsm 57/58" 1m
85 MFT300 brushed peach skin 100%P 130GSM 57/58" 1m
86 PV300 Velvet Fabric 100%P 265 GSM 57/58" 1m
87 RPOX600 Recycled polyester oxford fabric 100%P 220GSM 57/58" 1m
88 LZ10MD Litchi Grain Vinyl 70%PVC 30%Polyester 550GSM 140 1m
89 SZ12MD Grid Grain Vinyl 70%PVC 30%Polyester 770GSM 140 1m
90 VR130 Viscose Rayon Fuli crepe 55%人丝 45%人棉 130gsm 130 1m
91 CDB75 Cotton Dobby Fabric 100%棉 75gsm 145 1m
92 CFC200 Cotton interlock fabric 100%C 200gsm 57/58" 1m
93 CST105 Cotton Sateen Fabric 100%C 105gsm 57/58" 1m
94 CMQ320 Cotton French Terry 100%C 300-320gsm 57/58" 1m
95 FJL220 Imitated Nylon Swim 90%P 10%Sp 220gsm 57/58" 1m
96 PNW50 Nonwoven mask cloth 100%P 45gsm 57/58" 1m
97 LN200 200gsm linen woven fabric 100%Linen 200gsm 130 1m
98 LN165 165gsm linen woven fabric 100%Linen 165gsm 130 1m
99 LN110 110gsm linen woven fabric 100%Linen 110gsm 130 1m
100 RW2060 rayon plain woven fabric 100%R 145gsm 142 1m
101 RT60 rayon 1/2 twill woven fabric 100%R 100gsm 142 1m
102 CT2016 cotton 1/3 twill woven fabric 100%C 235gsm 57/58" 1m
103 RT30 30s rayon twill fabric 100%R 170gsm 142 1m
104 CT2121 21s cotton twill fabric 100%C 190gsm 57/58" 1m
105 CST110 80s cotton sateen fabric 100%C 110gsm 57/58" 1m
106 LS08MD Sparkling Laser Vinyl Fabric 70%PVC 30%Polyester 400gsm 136 1m
107 SE160 polyester stretch eyelet fabric 95%P 5%Sp 160GSM 57/58" 1m
108 OGZ30 organza 100%P 30GSM 142 1m
109 PMQ200 Polyester French Terry 100%P 200GSM 57/58" 1m
110 FA170S Thicken Laminated PUL fabric 100%P 180gsm 145 1m
111 TM05MM Clear Vinyl 100%PVC 630GSM 120 1m
112 TTF210 21s Tencel twill fabric 100%Tel 210 GSM 57/58" 1m
113 TTF160 30s Tencel twill fabric 100%Tel 160GSM 57/58" 1m
114 TTF130 40s Tencel twill fabric 100%Tel 130GSM 57/58" 1m
115 ZJM120 polyester slub chiffon 100%P 120GSM 145 1m
116 PPZ90 Crinked chiffon 100%P 90GSM 57/58" 1m
117 XWD150 Double sided twill fabric 100%P 150GSM 145 1m
118 JMD180 Double sided encrypted fabric 100%P 180GSM 145 1m
119 MRT80 Silver stripe jacquard chiffon 100%P 80GSM 57/58" 1m
120 XWB280 Imitation T/R Twill Fabric 100%P 280GSM 145 1m
121 PSD90 Bubble Satin 100%P 90GSM 145 1m
122 YXF80 Silver stripe chiffon 100%P 80GSM 145 1m
123 MGXF70 Rose jacquard chiffon 100%P 70GSM 145 1m
124 SPS120 Shiny Poly Satin 100%P 105GSM 142 1m
125 PGZ80 Check Chiffon 100%P 55GSM 145 1m
126 SPS230 Matte Satin 100%P 210GSM 145 1m
127 DXF70 Dot jacquard chiffon 100%P 70GSM 145 1m
128 DZJ120 poly slub fabric 100%P 120GSM 57/58" 1m
129 HDN150 Polyester gaberdine fabric 100%P 155GSM 57/58" 1m
130 WP-CA150 Waterproof Cotton Canvas 100%C 250GSM 145 1m
131 ZGN180 Polyester venetian 93%P 7%SP 180GSM 57/58" 1m
132 PJ180 Poly Knit Fabric 95%P 5%SP 180GSM 57/58" 1m
133 SVS95 silk Viscose spandex Georgette 47%S45%V8%sp 95GSM 140 1m
134 SCF34 silk chiffon 100%S 34GSM 140 1m
135 SVS137 silk Viscose spandex Heavy crepe 40%S 50%V 10%SP 137GSM 108 1m
136 ESF81 Elastic silk 95%S 5%SP 81GSM 140 1m
137 JSF60 Jacquard silk 100%S 60GSM 140 1m
138 SHC100 Silk Heavy crepe 100%S 100GSM 140 1m
139 SMC80 Silk Moss Crepe 100%S 80GSM 140 1m
140 SCG25 Silk Crinkle Chiffon Fabric 100%S 25GSM 140 1m
Notices for upload more large files :

1. AI, TIF, PSD, JPG, PDF, etc are all accpetable for printing,
2. 300 DPI is needed for best printing effect.
3. Make sure the file seamless and no flaws.
4. Make sure the file size is original and correct for printing.
5. If you have several patterns, please write the meters of each pattern when uploading the patterns.
6. If you dont know how to scale your file, please upload your files together with remarks of character height, attached example.
7. All shutterstock designs are available for printing without extra cost, pls send us design No. or link for download.
8. Our sales will be in touch with you within 24 hours for order and design check before printing.


If you are new to our website and want to know about the process of how to place an order, please click " How to Order  " to check.

Confidentiality Agreement : Never share or leak customer's designs, fabrics, even any related infos.

Custom Designs :
1. Use Our designs, check out " Design Gallery " on web for choice
2. Custom your own designs, " Upload Your Own Design " for printing.
3. All " Shutterstock " designs are available for printing without extra cost, pls send us design No. or link for download.

Custom Fabrics :
1. Our fabrics listed on website are all available for NO MOQ printing, check out " Shop By Fabric "
2. We can supply and print according to your fabric sample, upon your approval, pls click " Post Address " to send original sample.
3. Meanwhile, we offer " Custom Sewing Service " , " Plain Fabric Stock " and " Tailor Accessories "

Production Time :
Sample orders finished in about 7 days, Bulk order finished in about 15-30 days depends on order quantity

Delivery Info : 
Pls make sure the delivery address and Telephone No. is correct when you sign up on website.

Shipping Option :
Shipping choice depends on customer's needs. Mostly we use Express or sea shipping for bulk shipment.

* Express takes 5-7 days for small orders ( less than 21KG ), takes 1-2 weeks for bulk orders ( more than 21KG )
* Sea shipping takes generally more than 30 days, which is more suitable for large goods of more than 300kg.
If necessary, you can contact us for consultation.

Tracking number: 
The tracking number will be offered as system email as soon as the package sent out.

Urgent or Special needs :
If you need something special or in a hurry, please let us know and I would be more than happy to accommodate you!

Tax and Duties : 
We always value low to help you avoid tax or save tax for sample and bulk order. Customers are responsible for any fees, taxes, and duties associated with shipping & purchasing to their respective countries, when it happens.

Payment Policy:
Buyers can now make purchases with PayPal payment, Western Union, Credit Card or Debit Card
If you would like a printed receipt for your order, please let me know and I would be glad to include one in the shipment of your items.

Refund Policy:
It is our intention to display images and descriptions of designs as richly and accurately as possible, but we recognize that the online buyer is deprived of the tactile experience. If you don't adore your items, please contact me within 3 days of receipt. You will be refunded (minus shipping charges) via PayPal once the items in their original condition have been returned to me. All return shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer.
In the event of any item being faulty, we will either refund or send a replacement.

Please note that cut lengths of fabrics and sewing trims cannot be returned or exchanged. Custom and bulk orders are not refundable unless faulty.

Feel free to convo us any time with questions, concerns, etc. we hope everyone to be as happy with designs as we !

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