How Fabric Produces
               WOVENING                                  DYEING                               READY TO PRINT

                   PRINTING                      WASHING AND DRYING                    HEAT SETTING

                INSPECTING                             FINISHED                                  SHIPPING


1.Weaving: A process in which warp and weft yarns are interwoven into a fabric on a loom. The warp yarns should have a suitably uniform tension during weaving and be interlaced with the weft yarns according to a predetermined pattern to form a fabric having a certain texture, amplitude and density.
2.Dyeing: According to different dye formulations, dyeing with environmentally friendly dyes.
3.Inspecting: The white fabric will be inspected after dyeing and will be ready for printing.
4.Sizing: Make fabrics more resilient and shiny by using special materials
We have two printing types.
1)Digital Direct Injection Printing: Digital Direct Printing is suitable for dispersion, acid dyes, coatings, and reactive inks. Digital direct printing is a process of direct printing directly on semi-finished textiles.
2)Thermal transfer method: thermal transfer printing is to first print the textile dye onto the paper (on the coating), and then transfer the pattern on the paper to the textile with thermal transfer printing machinery.
6.Drying: Drying the pigment on the fabric after printing
7.Steaming: Increase color fastness
8.Washing: Add softener to the water and wash the printed fabric to make the fabric soft and increase the comfort of wearing
9.Drying: Drying after washing
10.Heating Setting: Through the action of mechanical external force and temperature, the width of the fabric is more neat, the slope of the fabric is improved, the appearance of the fabric is increased and the fabric is made more durable
11.Inspecting: Every inspector carefully checks the quality and quantity of the printed fabric on both the front and back, and strives for the satisfaction of each order
12.Packing: Roll with paper tube and plastic bag or piece packed in box or according to customer's request