Company Culture

Company Mission: Maximize customer satisfaction through better products and services, make the company to be a platform to realize value.
We support our customers, actively meet their needs and always maintain a timely contact with them and then satisfy them.
With the assistance of the team, we continue to develop and innovate to provide the market with high-quality and competitive all-digital printing series of products.
Customer first, fast, efficient, communication

Company Values: honesty and trustworthiness, performance-oriented, people-oriented, mutual assistance, innovation
—Honesty and Trustworthiness
   Respect the regulation, adhere to the bottom line of laws and morals. Abide by the business ethics and contract spirit, safeguard the legitimate rights and relative interests. Advocate sincere and frank interpersonal communication, not being superior or arbitrary.
— Performance-oriented
  Performance is the lifeblood of an enterprise's survival and development. We must continue to create value for society by insisting on competition with strength, seeking returns with effort and speaking with performance.
—People oriented
  Respect people's value, develop their potential, build a platform for employees to realize values and share development results. Be thankful and humble, emphasize the balance and sustainable development.
—Mutual assistance
  Involved in the team, be willing to share, build mutual trust and share both honor and disgrace. To be open and tolerant, respect the differences, treat with honesty and bring the romance to a happy ending. Appreciate each other, to be simple, transparent, complementary and win-win cooperated.
  Vigorously cultivate an innovative system and improve the company mechanism. Adhere to customer orientation and constantly seek new breakthroughs in business model, technology, management, products and services. Encourage innovative thinking and persist in continuous learning.

Company Business Philosophy: talent, execution, innovation, development
Actively recruit talents from all over the world, and establish a comprehensive training system to help employees grow faster.
Carry out execution and fruitful actions! Develop the ability to find and solve problems!
Product innovation, service innovation, management innovation and system innovation.
Gradually improve the company's system and seek a fast-track line which is suitable for the company's sustainable development.
Corporate Vision: To become a well-known supplier of custom printing products at home and abroad.
—We plan to implement the brand development strategy in coming 3-5 years, transform ourselves to a high-tech and high value-added custom printed fabric company, make "FactoTex" a benchmark for the custom digital printing product industry, and then create more values for customers and employees!

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