Hello! Cooling Towel
Its really hot during the Summer, without the air conditioner, fan and icy drink, we can hardly imagine how to live. On on hand, we love Summer, it is good time to have sports, on the other, it is hard to tolerate the heat. So thanks for the fast development of science technology, the cooling towel has been available on the market, really good news!
Although we may heard it for a few years but still not sure what they do, how they work, So today we thought we should cover some of the most frequently asked questions here!
What are they made of?
Actually they are made of hi-tech cooling polyester fiber! The towel is able to keep the water inside with the help of super absorbent fiber weave technology and make it very cool to touch on the towel surface but not wet.

How do they work?
When touch the water, the cooling towels absorb and keep water, staying moist but not wet to touch. The towel can effectively control the water evaporation and thus keep cool for a long time, thus keeping you feeling cool and dry, rather than the hot, sweaty!

What do they feel like (texture)?
They feel a lot like microfiber fabric, soft and spongy! The special fabric that you use to dry your car off after a wash. But some touch smooth just like the single jersey, actually the texture just depend on the weaving method.


How do you use them?
First of all,  activate your new cooling towel. Wash it thoroughly in the warm water before the first use. Then remove the excess water and place the towel wherever you would like. When exposed to some air for greater evaporation, the towel cools most effectively.
During the use, please turn the towel over, or remove and shake it for few seconds in the air before reapplying it to your body, which helps the towel reabsorb some fresh air and reactivate itself. 
Can I wash them?
It is easy to wash! Both machine and hand-wash are workable, add some liquid detergent and wash, but no bleach.
How do I store it?
You can store your cooling towel in the storage container when it came in. Put on the lid when not in use to keep it moist. For longer time storage, you should dry your towel out to avoid the mould, remove as much excess water as possible and leave for 20-30 minutes hanging in the air for moisture to be evaporated the put it back to the container.

How long do they last?
Quite durable. If wash and store the cooling towel as directions, it can easily last for 4 years or more.
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