French Terry sweatshirts

    French Terry sweatshirts are not outwardly differentiated from traditional fleece sweatshirts.The difference is on the inside. 
    You will not find the silky touch inside the French Terry sweats. The fabric is actually the same, it only change how it is processed!
    French terry is a knit fabric with loops and soft piles of yarn. It’s a non-brushed fleece. So the touch is heavier than a tee, but lighter than most of the sweats.

    A little curiosity: the exceed fabric result from the knitting process it’s used to make the non-woven fabric.
    Some manufacturers choose to make French Terry sweatshirts for personalise with less weight than classic sweats, so they are absolutely perfect for spring or autumn.
    There a few advantages to have in mind to choose printed french terry sweats: they’re perfect for practising sports because the loops absorb water on the inside but the outside remains dry. Cool and stylish sportswear!
     You can take a look at out online fabric catalogue and you will find a few French Terry sweats for personalising.
     Print French Terry sweats is very popular among designers, clothing brands and bands, mostly because they’re comfortable and you don’t have to worry about the awful small thread balls.
     We use to recommend screen-printing to customise French Terry sweats, as we do in classic sweatshirts, cause the outside fabric is the same.

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