2017 Spring/Summer Print Trends
2017 Spring/Summer Print Trends
The prints of Spring-Summer 2017 women'sdress have many source of inspiration.Here are five trend images from the report to blast you into hyper inspired mode.Our readers can get an exclusive fashion infomation into the most important seasonal print directions.
Spring and summer 2017 flowers are no longer restricted to full prints. Designers are able to plant a bouquet of magical plants on their uniforms.They are full of youth and romantic.

1.Romantic Flower:
Floral prints are still the key to the spring and summer 2017 prints and will highlight the new romantic tone.Designers draw from home prints and vintage floral wallpaper,creating a nostalgic feminine look.These messy, scattered romantic flowers apply to women's flowing silk ,sheer tulle dresses and home clothing.In addition to the theme of clothing, the prints also apply to soft household products, creating a warm and natural atmosphere of life.
While florals may never actually be groundbreaking, head-to-toe retro-inspired flower prints are back and bolder than ever. Think '60s and '70s-inspired wallpapers, interiors and dresses. 

2.Tropical Rainforest
As the culture of travel continues to boom,Mainstream trends guide people away from urban life.More and more people are opting for a holiday in a tropical beach,enjoy the freedom of holiday.The trend brings the popularity of tropical prints.The characteristics of their vigor, untrammelled and freedom are embodied in the design of spring and summer women's wear, children's wear, swimwear and household goods.Summer plants, tropical palm print as the key themes, through super bright color, showing a strong visual contrast printing style, are the key feature of tropical rainforest prints.

3.Future Style
Future style prints are tailored to avant-garde young men and women.
Though they are designed in the form of hard geometry,using colour gradient and bright color combination,creating a psychedelic 3D effect.Bold geometries, colors and stripes are mainstream.

4.Journey To World:
Designers seek inspiration from global culture,Africa, the Middle East, Bohemia, east...National wind prints add charm to men's and women's wear.Bumping small, tiny prints together to form beautiful duplicate patterns,these prints apply to ladies' dresses.The styles from different countries and eras have been given a modern feel in the hands of designers.

5.Geo Collage
Nifty geometrical pattern continues to be popular, stylists use collage method to create novel geometrical form, design various geometrical prints.Clipping a geometric printing in different design for the square or abstract shapes, then flip, move, rotate, or rearrange, form irregular repeating patterns.Using contrast colour of black and white or bright colors highlight geometrical shapes, or using the same soft colors to  emphasize the whole atmosphere.The theme applies to young men's wear, women's wear, swimsuits and children's clothing market, which reflects a relaxed and lively lifestyle.

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