What is the Muslin Fabric

 Using the natural materials such as cotton, bamboo, linen, with the loose and fluffy construction, the muslin fabric has become one of the most natural, comfortable, ideal and purest fabric in the world. The most preferred fabric for the new-born baby and kids because of the finely-woven and breathability.

Now, with the fast development of the digital printing technology, custom fabric printing has become increasingly popular around the world. So to make your kids to be unique and comfortable, using the Muslin fabric with custom fabric printing will be the best choice.

But do you know why it is called muslin fabric? Some people believed that the Bangladesh people invented it during the Middle Age, because the muslin’s long history of bringing caregivers and babies together has been so well-known.
Why we choose muslin fabric, first and the foremost, its breathability, which is the most important for new-born babies, the open-woven and light fabric allows the airflow and reduce and overheating risk. This unique quality will keep you baby comfortable and safe.

The muslin fabric is also unbelievably durable, it has the ability of withstand countless washes, and unbelievably it will get even bitter and softer when becomes aged. All of our muslin with custom fabric printing is pre-washed, so it will keep that soft way wash after wash.
Enjoy the nature, enjoy the uniqueness, the muslin fabric with custom printing will be the best choice for your babies.

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