What is Minky Dot Fabric?

Recently I had someone ask me what Minky Dot Fabric is.

  Minky Fabrics are 100% polyester.
  They have embossed dots, hearts, stars, etc. on them or they can be striped or plain just to name a few.
  These fabrics are very comparable to a velour fabric and to touch it feels like petting a rabbit or mink. That is where it got its name I guess. The nap is longer like hair.
  They also come in a ton of colors and more colors are starting to be made from what I am seeing.

  Minky fabrics are very messy to work with though. Every time I cut a batch I go through several sheets of my lint roller. I usually lint roll all the squares before I ship too so they look better.

  Another thing I just read was not to microwave this product. You ask why? -Me too!! But in health care, some workers will do that to heat a blanket for patients. Minky will melt. So please "don't miky the minky!" lol.

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