How to distinguish between knitted and woven fabrics

  ​​​There may be many people in our lives who don't know the difference between knitting and woven fabrics, but knowing this may have a big impact on our lives. Knitting fabrics and woven fabrics have obvious differences in the production process, and different approaches will naturally bring different effects.

   To compare these two types of fabrics I will tell you how they are made, compare their physical properties, and will show some examples to give you complete understanding of these two types of fabrics.

Knits Fabrics

    Knitted fabric is a fabric made of woven yarn that bends into coils in sequence. According to the different directions of coil weaving, it can be classified. The horizontal is called weft knitting fabric, which is called warp knitting fabric vertically.

Woven Fabrics

    A woven fabric is a fabric that is woven vertically into two or more vertical yarns. Different directions of yarn can be divided into different types, which are referred to as weft.

Comparison based on the properties of knits and woven fabrics

·Knits fabric are stretchy. Knits fabric stretches in both directions. Knits fabric are thicker, heavier, softer and bulky. 

·Woven fabrics are stiff and not stretchy. Woven fabric stretches only on bias direction. It is possible to make stretchy woven fabric by using spandex (Lycra)
yarns, like you might know about stretchable denim pants. Woven fabrics are thinner, and lighter. 

·Knits fabrics shrink easily than woven fabrics. 

·In woven fabric you can get both yarn dyed stripes and checks design but in knits fabrics you will only get yarn dyed stripes. 


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