Enjoy linen, enjoy healthy life!
It appears that linen is known to be the oldest cultivated plant in human history. And it is a good alternative to cotton for its cool--touch characteristic. During the long history of evolution, Flax has adapted it to the cool and humid climates, Linen is the latest member to the Facto custom printed fabric family. Known for its durability and versatility, theres much more than its breathability reputation.

Flax is a plant which has blue or purple flower. The fibers in the stalks are spun into yarns used for manufacturing fabric which is then called linen.The sturdy flax stocks are soaked, causing them to be broken down by a biological process called retting. This results in a lustrous fiber bearing a resemblance to blonde hair.

They grow wild in cool climates all over the world, from India to Western Europe. Actually the ancient Egyptians established the linen industry, who spoke highly of the fabric for its purity and breathability in their desert climate. They liked it so much that when people opened King Tut’s tomb, his Linen curtains were discovered inside and still intact.
Linen is known to be anti-microbial. It is anti-allergic, accelerate the skin healing. It make wearer feel relax, reduce the effects, and even cure skin conditions such as dermatitis. That is reason why ancient Egyptians preferred the linen fabric.

Although the manual spinning and loom weaving have been replaced by modern machines gradually, but the fabric is still tricky to produce — though well worth the effort. Beyond its cool reputation, Linen is stain resistant. Additionally, its production has a smaller eco-footprint than other natural fibers. Our Linen is pre-washed before custom digital printing. Though it’s stronger and more durable than cotton, Linen becomes softer with each wash, developing a rich texture all its own. With the development of the digital printing, linen fabric becomes more popular than ever, widely used in the clothing, furniture and other areas. Considering the above reason, Facto Textile has taken the linen fabric as the latest custom printed fabric, soon it will be a hot.

Enjoy the linen, enjoy the eco-friendly life!
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